October 24

A Letter to You from Grandma Sylvia

Bear with ivy

October 24

Dear Reader,

When my husband died, night after night I cried out in anguish, “Where are you? What will I do without you?” as if the walls might hear me and call back to me. I missed so many things about him, from our day-to-day life and love to getting all the tasks done that come up in life.  It seemed like he had taken care of so many huge responsibilities.  Gradually I found out how to do these things, but the worst problem I had was how I was going to manage the family finances.  How would I succeed in the stock market?

The stock market terrified me.

Now fast-forward a number of years.  I’ve become a successful investor and in this blog I want to help you become one.


Hi!  I’m Grandma Sylvia. 

Grandmas have lots of stories.  You’ve come to the right place to hear stories about investing in the stock market and to discover how you can invest wisely.

You can relax, slow down, and read about what I’ve done. It took me some time and I made a few mistakes.  Today I want to help you become a better investor, quicker and with fewer mistakes.

Let yourself think about what you’re reading.  You can gain many ideas from me and from my experiences.

Please note: You’re not coming here as you would to a stock broker or financial advisor. You’re here to learn what I know and what I did and then make up your own mind.  You can also talk to those you trust among your friends and family or in the financial field.

 I’m not a financial advisor. I have no financial training. I don’t sell anything, but I’ve become a successful investor who can Sleep-Well-At-Night.  That’s S-W-A-N. 

SWAN 97488

No one can predict what will happen tomorrow.  No one.  But, by reading this blog, you’ll hear what I’ve found by studying the best thinkers in the field.

You won’t see complicated math. There are:

— no charts.

— no graphs.

— no frightening formulas. 

Just plain talk.

For now, breathe deeply and don’t get stressed by all the ups and downs of the market or all the sales and news comments you might hear every day. 

You’ll get there if you take your time, go slowly, and I’ll be here to help you.

The next story is about cash to get started.

Keep reading my blog and ask questions.

Grandma Sylvia

P.S.  You may have looked at other blogs on investing.  I have and they are dazzling–pictures, videos, texts, advertisements!  I’m almost overwhelmed when I see them.  My blog is very simple.  I want to talk with you directly, as if we were sitting on my back porch having homemade cookies and lemonade.  Hope you feel the same way.

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